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What Is Reading

What Is Reading Reading is dictating the alphabet that has been understood / memorized the letters of the alphabet according to the reader's interests according to the stages that are remembered / pronounced, the alphabet consists of A, B, C to Z which can be combined into a description to be read, for example like in this article, the writing uses the alphabet by leveling the content according to the terms of recognition in reading.

There is also reading according to basic criteria such as reading by understanding the ability of vocals / tones that are sung in singing tones for quick responsiveness memorizing, for example for the needs of new children to read which are initially defined as understanding / speaking a little bit to be able to translate the written words in reading books that have been read.

Words in words can produce speech in the writing that is being read, also adjust the application so that children at an early age can take sides in wanting to learn to read with basic syllables to different syllables, usually parents often also look for educational principles to read children who are combined by counting and writing.

as reported above that the incorporation of material is very important for early childhood to understand, which begins the process of reading to counting and writing which is often interpreted by searches as the Calistung word Read and Write Count (Balistung). So to understand the reading, you must really use a way so that your children's reading interest becomes more enthusiastic and wants to interpret it at a later stage.

for writing reading from us, it can be interpreted as a useful review for all readers here, so it's up to here for a discussion of What is Reading.

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balistung, calistung, les privat, Reading

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